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800 MHz Reconfiguration:
In 2004, the FCC reconfigured the band plan for 800 MHz to separate public safety systems in the band from commercial wireless systems using cellular architecture. As part of the rebanding process, most 800 MHz public safety licensees are reconfiguring their systems to operate on new channel assignments in the 800 MHz band, with the cost of reconfiguration being paid by Sprint Nextel Corporation.
Harris Corporation - A Leader in Mission-Critical Communications:
Now more than ever, Harris RF is the partner that irst responders can turn to for their communications needs. From multiband radios to complete end-to-end infrastructure solutions, they serve the federal, state, and local agencies that protect our homeland and our safety.

The acquisition of Tyco Electronics Wireless Systems, combined with the history of providing interoperable solutions and superior customer service, position them to help unite the public safety market in new and exciting ways.

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VIDA Select:

With an average of eight million push-to-talks every month, Florida's Miami-Dade County has one of the busiest public safety radio networks in North America - if not the world. Twenty-nine thousand users rely on the county's seven transmit and nine receive site, 40-channel simulcast critical communications network for everything from routine traffic stops to emergency responses involving dozens of state, local and federal agencies within the county and surrounding region. But when Super Bowl XLI was scheduled to come to town on February 4th, 2007, county law enforcement managers knew they would have to plan and prepare as never before. VIDA Select provided communications interoperability for 18 local, state and federal agencies operating multiple radio platforms on multiple frequencies and the relationship and cooperation between M/A-COM, Cooper-General, the ETSD and the Miami-Dade Police Department during this period was the key to its success.

M/A-COM's P25IP fully meets the NTIA mandate and also satisfies the DoD policy for P25 compliance. M/A-COM has combined the benefits of our IP-based network-centric solution with the standard common-air-interface of P25. The combination, called P25IP, or P25 to the Power of IP, is the best of two worlds for Federal users - namely: P25IP combines the global ubiquitous IP infrastructure standard with the P25 digital over-the-air protocol. M/A-COM's P25IP system is a drastic shift from this circuit switched central control world, to the flexible packet switched IP universe. The system provides both network-level and over-the-air radio level interoperability. This state-of-the-art IT solution provides flexibility, scalability and is future-ready.

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